Before you go for a Party, plan like a Smarty!

There are few things which you should keep in mind when you plan to go out for a Party. These things may help you have a night which you can’t forget!

Wear a good Perfume, because you don’t want yourself to smell like vomit in a human Costume.

The one thing which attracts other people towards you is good smell. If you smell good, you won’t have any problem getting along with anyone and starting a conversation. But when you smell like you haven’t taken a bath for months, then people in the party will treat you like Anil Kapoor in ‘Mr.India’. So wear a good Perfume before planning to go to any party. Your Mancera, Armani and Calvin Klein’s will do the job for you. If not, this might be the expression on the faces of people around you.


Always Dress to Impress!

Always dress up thinking you’re going to bump into your ex. ‘Get up-Dress up-Party hard’, is the way to roll. Never be a sloth and dress like you’re going for a night stay where no one cares what you wear. People often judge you on the basis of your clothes.They draw a character of you in their heads just by looking at your outfit, even before you speak to them. Your first impression might just be the last impression, so better dress up well.


Always have company with you

Taking a friend along with you to a party is always the safe option, as you don’t want to land up in a situation where you have no one to talk to and are just bored. Just in case you do end up at a party alone, you might just have to lift your phone and socialize with people through Baromeeter.


 Always have some cash on you.

The one thing you can’t forget to take with you is money. You do need dollar bills to have fun any night! My friend , No money, no honey. So the one thing you can’t forget to have with you before you go for a party is a wallet and it needs to be full of cash!


Always carry a Spray mint, who knows you might just get ‘the hint’.

Before you plan to go for a party, never forget carrying a Spray mint in your pocket as it’s always better to be ‘kiss-ready’. It’s not always the body odour that counts, it’s also your breath that does. So having a Spray mint in your shirt pocket is another must.


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