Concerns of the Youth

Youth is the phase where we try to find out who we really are. We are wild, lively and crazy in our own way. But here are some concerns which the youth face in today’s world.

We just need a life hack to quit being an insomniac !

It is believed that more than half of the youth alive, suffer from Insomnia. Even though sleep is our passion, we can’t just lie down and fall asleep in seconds. ‘12am is the new 9pm’ for many. And due to this, our day starts only after 10am. Getting no sleep at night makes us wake up only after 10am in spite of the numerous alarms.


Managing money isn’t all that funny

It’s the phase where we love to spend money. From buying a pair of shoes to buying a luxurious cruise, we just don’t seem to hesitate. Managing money becomes an even bigger concern when you are in a relationship. From buying your spouse a gift on every occasion to paying bills, makes your money disappear like a rabbit from a magician’s hat. The hardest to hit are the weekends. Weekends make us forget about our savings and we spend money on food and drinks like Arabs!


Maintaining minimum attendance- Our First world problem

Asking a student to maintain perfect attendance is like asking Rahul Gandhi to deliver an error-less speech in parliament. Every teenager, whether in school or college, has the headache of maintaining minimum attendance percentage. It becomes quite a task to prioritize lectures over bunking.



E-diction ( Electronics addiction)

Technology has evolved like never before. Thousands of new electronic products are designed every day, which tempts the public to buy them. Almost every teenager has got himself or herself a phone- ranging from a Nokia 1100 to an iPhone 7 (not to talk about other cool stuff like iWatch and all). Gadgets have become a very important part of our lives and it’s very challenging to keep ourselves away from it. From helping us finish our homework to giving us various reminders, it does almost all the work for us.



The biggest crime is when we don’t spend quality family time

Parents want their children to spend quality time with them or their grandparents, especially during weekends. It becomes a tough task for ‘us’ to maintain a balance between their friends and family. It becomes an even bigger concern when your plan to go out with your friends clashes with family get togethers.



The Pablo-Effect

The youth nowadays are exposed to a lot of alcohol and drugs. Being a social drinker isn’t a big concern, but when we start drinking and smoking constantly, it starts haunting you with its addiction. There is no single age group of people more affected by alcohol and drugs than young people.



Getting a good mark isn’t a walk in the park

Our parents get happy when they get to know that we have passed with distinction. But it all goes in vain when she gets to know how much our friends have got. There’s always this “Sharma Ji ka beta” who tops the class in every exam. And when your mother gets to know his marks, she gives you a life lesson, which makes you feel like you have actually failed the exam.


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