Who needs a Benz when you’ve got a group of true friends!

After finishing with school, starting with college and getting a fresh start to life is the best feeling ever. College does not just mean new beginnings but also a lot of new friendships and finding that special set of people who are there for you through thick and thin. A group of good friends can give us happiness which even money can’t buy (well for everything else, especially after this demonetization, there can be only mastercard). They not only put a smile on our faces; they even make our life easier in so many ways!

Need for a wingman!

College life is full of exciting events and occasions. Such events present the perfect opportunity to meet and socialize with new people. Unless you have apps like Baromeeter on your phone, using which you can just chat with people around you at the event, it could get difficult to break the ice with new people. Thus, having that one friend by your side at a gathering is always a blessing! A friend will not only add up to your confidence but will never make you feel lonely at a party.


Friends have your back: Attendance

Meeting the minimum attendance mark in college can be a Bit*h. Wanna get your attendance marked ‘present’ even when you aren’t in class? Your friends can always take care of that by giving a proxy. So a bad hangover or a plan to go somewhere, No problem! Your friends have got your back!


Last minute exam guide

Everyone has gone through that awful feeling a day before the exam begins. If you’re anything like me, the studying will start just the day before the exams start and this is the time our friends come to our rescue. There’s no book that teaches us better than a friend does. Every group has this one nerd friend who gives us all the tips, which we need, to help us pass our exams.


Emotional Pillar

There are always times when we feel low and don’t feel like talking with anyone. Be it breakups, scolding from parents, low marks or any other bad news. This is the time when our true friends will pour us a drink and make us forget about all our woes and worries. They always manage to bring a smile to our face and help us live life like there is no tomorrow.


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