7 ways guys and girls are different


Whether we want to accept it or not guys and girls are different! As we have heard a million times, men are from Mars and women are from Venus! Might sound stereotypical, but oh it is so much fun to just exaggerate these differences and have a little fun!

TOILET BREAKS                                                                                                                        

The universal rule about women going to the restroom states that they should and must be accompanied by a friend every time. Meanwhile, a guy asking his mate to accompany him to the restroom, will get everyone’s eyeballs rolling. Okaaayyy, what’s going on between those two?




Not saying that all guys are bad at multitasking but have you ever seen a guy taking notes, texting, having a snack, retouching the makeup and looking good doing all of this at the same time? If yes, you’ve just witnessed a rare sight!



Most ladies need to have every little detail planned whether it’s a party, a trip or for that matter, life! Men, on the other hand, love to “go with the flow”



It’s no secret, women love to shop! A girl can go hours without food water or rest, if she’s shopping. Ask a woman about where one should shop and you will receive thorough details of where you should shop along with what you should shop for. Whereas Men are just happy with Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon, whichever requires the least amount of efforts.



For most men it’s quite simple, it is all about the looks, no matter how hard one tries to deny it! You like what you see and that’s about it. For Girls, it’s a little more complicated. Girls need care, attention, affection, sweet words and much more to be won over.



For girls, it is hours and hours of preparation to get dressed for one single occasion, whatever that might be. Deciding what to wear, finding the matching accessories, having the perfect hairstyle and MAKEUP, it is one long process. While for guys, a pullover and jeans works wonders for them on most days.



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