wallcreator_1370622111_1210What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone speaks about youth? Is it an image of yourself standing at the edge of a mountain, wearing your trekking gear and admiring the beauty that is nature? Or is it an image of wild parties, dizzy nights and deep conversations between you and your closest friends over a pitcher of beer? If you find yourself nodding along to the above scenarios, I’ll take a leap here and say that you’re in your 20’s or early 30’s.

Above Beli Iskar lake in Rila Mountain

Above Beli Iskar lake

All of us youngsters who have crossed certain thresholds in our lives are very obviously obsessed with creating good memories with our gang of friends. Many of  us find joy in making random plans to Goa or even someplace as near as the pub. Such random plans always end up creating the best memories! The comfortable silence I shared with my friend while admiring the night sky and slowly sipping beer can never be forgotten!

A handful of us encounter people every day who are already trying to grow up by taking life so damn seriously. Nothing wrong with doing so, but these are the years where we get to have fun without being bothered by responsibilities and those other grown up words people use! So if you are one those few people, who thinks that the  imagestest or presentation due tomorrow is very important and you skip having fun with your friends for that, just ask yourself, do you remember any so-called “important” tests that you took up in school 2 years ago, that you thought was going to determine everything in life? No. But do you remember the random water fights you had with your classmates during a free hour? Yup, that brought a smile to your face didn’t it?

So now is the time to go ahead and spend some quality time with your friends. Go on that road trip you’ve been planning for all these years, go to that party you think is going to be boring, go on those random night rides with your friends, because that important test or presentation will never be remembered, nor will it matter, as opposed to the memory of those beautiful inebriated conversations with your friends or the memory of singing “yeh dosti, hum nahi chodenge”, loudly on empty roads in the middle of the night on your friend’s bike! Do remember, You Only Live Once!



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