Sheesha Sheesha on the Wall!

Today’s generation’s love for hookah is equivalent to the love Raj felt for Simran. An outing or a party without hookah is not even considered complete. Hence hookah is served at every joint and cafe in town. The availability of numerous flavours and different blends makes it pretty interesting to play around with. It’s an extremely popular, relaxing and chill activity throughout different parts of the country.

But there might be some sad news for all the hookah lovers out there. Due to the toxic nature of hookah and apparent harmful diseases it leads to, the ban of it is making the current headlines. The fame earned by Hookah has sparked excitement among the youth and negative talks and opinions among various election parties. Shiromani Akali Dal, a political group from Punjab seeking to ban Hookah bars in Delhi and its growing popularity, has written letters to the National Green Tribunal (NGT). They are hell bent on banning the activity.

Strictly speaking, banning of a commodity does not put an end to it, rather increases its unauthorised use. Talk of Torrents, you’ve the best example set globally. We simply believe that you can just brief the people about the gun and leave it up to them to pull the trigger or not to, when and if ever they have one in their hands.

With the hype and ever-growing popularity, the prices have sure gone up and a few puffs amounts in thousands. However, Baromeeter now provides amazing deals on Hookah too. You could get exotic flavours at nearby destinations by booking your meal with us. With the puffs, you also take the memories that made it so special for you.

Enjoy Sheesha till it lasts!

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