WHAT NOT TO EXPECT: Lipstick Under My Burkha

WHAT NOT TO EXPECT: Lipstick Under My Burkha

Over the weekend, while still recovering from a major hangover I decided to go for the much talked about Lipstick Under My Burkha and all I could hear people say was, ‘agar yeh scenes kaatne ke baad haal hai toh kya hi kaatein honge’,  But moving away from the talks about the “scenes ”, as it’s already been talked about enough, I want to talk about what one shouldn’t expect from this movie and explicit scenes aren’t one of those things.



What I heard most of the people saying after the end of the movie was how abrupt and weird the ending was. Us guys are so used to the “Dramatic and Happy Endings” in movies that we forget that in real life there are no guaranteed Dramatic Happy Endings and some chapters of our life just come to an (abrupt) end. The movie has kept it real, so do not expect some hero realizing he was in love with the girl after all or the husband would stop being a dick to his wife and change his ways.


Why is every movie based on women expected to have a ‘thought provoking’ message! People want to know what was the message from this movie? My question to them is, what was the message from Raabta or Love Sex or Dhoka or Ragini Mms? Most movies are meant to entertain not expected to deliver a message so why expect a message from every movie centred on the lives of women.

WHAT NOT TO EXPECT: Plight of all Women

Another thing expected from such movies is to show the plight of women who do no wrong and if they do then it should be justified by some moral code. While undoubtedly there are numerous issues women face, but this movie is not just about that. It shows women from different walks of life, with desires as well as flaws and capable of doing wrong things. Not all of us live by the society’s so called moral code, so why expect every such movie to show women under a particular, cant do any wrong, light!

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