Fork You Tonight


Fork You Tonight! That’s where I dropped in the last night. The name itself seems a fancy one, isn’t it? With a British style bar, this high standard club has left no stone unturned through its service to make a place in your heart the first time you walk. Be it starters, drinks or the main course, you can differentiate the quality of food here from its peers.

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My first order was “Build Your Own Burger”. The name’s self-explanatory and the taste, simply irresistible. You could choose the bread (Sesame), cheese and three toppings (Lettuce, Jalapeno, Coleslaw) and sauce along with a side dish, all of your own choice. Its as like being treated at home where you could make your own stuff.



They say a club is all about the ambience it provides, for the party animals should get their dance arena and the silent couples should get their personal space. So what if I say, you could even get a table on the balcony away from the noise, where you could have your own quiet time with your partner and at the same time enjoy the view of the busy streets of The Hauz Khas Village during the weekends? That’s the specialty there, you don’t just get the food but also the decibel level of your choice, an outdoor seating.


Are you a sports lover too who likes networking and sharing his talks with a pint of beer over it? There is a separate corner in Fork You for you peeps too! Be it cricket or football, you do need to make sure that next time if not the stadium, you make it to here for the same experience.

Now what’s even more amazing is the simplicity with which you can get your tables booked. We, here at Baromeeter are devoted to give you deals that are unmatched and unheard of.

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With its plethora of cuisines including the, ContinentalAsianItalianMediterranean and many more, we leave the rest of the deals awaiting for you to come and encash upon them, before your neighbours do so!

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